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23 December 2011

New Items

After almost a year off, I've been busy making new items for my sites to be listed in January.  I am so excited.  If you "like" us on our fb page or follow us on Twitter, you will be the first to know when they are listed, and there will also be a "special" attached.  To receive the news about the special, send us your email addy and go on our mailing list....Send emails to and put "mailing list" in the subject area! 

Off and running....time to create while the kiddies are still asleep!  :)

06 December 2011

YAY! I've been featured!

Wow!  Someone took interest in my creations and decided to do a "featured" section on her blog!  What an honor to chose me!  *blushing*

If anyone is interested, head on over to and take a peek at Kristie's blog.....Kristie is a fellow military wife and artisan.  I personally have some of her pieces and she does excellent work!  If anyone wants gorgeous jewelry for someone, head over and take a look at her won't regret it!

'Til next time,

29 November 2011


We are having a contest!!
Starting 1 Dec- 14 Dec-- contest! Refer the most people to "like" our fanpage and receive a gift from us! Please make sure to let us know who referred you or whom you referred!

Do I have time?!

Not enough time in the day!  I wanted to finish some Christmas presents today, but doesn't look like that's going to happen!  Everytime I want to sit down and create, something comes up!  Maybe after I finish writing, I can take a few minutes to do some creating!

I also want to let you know that if you are in need of some awesome Christmas presents, visit my friend Kristie @ Aquarian small business owners and a fellow military spouse!   She has a fanpage on facebook.....and a store on Etsy.....I hav personally purchased from her and her work is superb! 

I am also asking you for ideas on what knitted items you would like to see more of......leave a comment in the comment section or email me @  We also have a website that carries country items, so head on over and browse...let us know what you'd like to see more of!


20 November 2011


Who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift?!  Well, the PAFA team is having a giveaway!  Visit their blog....lots of shop owners are participating!  Enter to maybe win! 

Christmas shopping-- didn't even begin yet!  I think this year will be the "year of online shopping."  No crowds, no parking issues, no bringing the kids out in the cold weather......  If any of you plan on doing some online shopping for prim items, take a peek at some of the PAFA member's shops on Etsy.  It's easy...go to, go to the search box, and type in PAFAWW.....They are a bunch of really talented artists......  :)

Enjoy your day!

16 November 2011

PAFA team on Etsy!

I just wanted to let you all know, that there is a WONDERFUL team that I belong is through Etsy and it is called PAFA-- it is a group of MANY talented primitive and folk artists.  I will post the link and I strongly suggest that you all take a peek at some of their great work.  There are also a lot of "giveaways" and contests...who knows?  Enter and you just may win a wonderful piece of their artistry!