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07 March 2011

Day #2!!

Well, folks, day #2 of blogland.  I have LOTS of tweaking to do on the blog....and LOTS of learning in the process.  Ever have one of those days where you want to do this, this and this....and get nothing done?!  Today was one of those days. 

To let you know, I am having a promotion on my facebook fanpage.  Go to the fanpage.  Click "like"....refer others....the person with the most referrals, gets to choose something, anything, from either or from the etsy shop.  (  Once the final tally is done on Monday morning, that is 14 March, 2011, I will notify you and invite you to choose something.  The fanpage on facebook is The Gingham Bow.  Good luck!

I am off to try and get some work done.....tweak and create.....(I need to get this tweaking done-- I had nightmares last night!!  LOL)

Have a fantastic day! 

06 March 2011

Newbie here!

Hi, all!  I am totally new to this world of blogging, so please bear with me the next few days while I try and figure this all out!! 

I guess I should introduce myself.  My name is Christine.....I am a wife, mom, crafter, & small business owner.  I live in New York.....I am going to try and make this blog a bit of "it all"-- family life, daily things, kids, pets, and of course, my crafting and business.  Comments will always be welcomed..... :)

Learning to knit, crochet, and how to sew came from an early age with me.  I had to be about 4 when I learned.  I can remember being a little girl, amazed at the things my mom, great grandmother, and aunt all made. 

Picking up the needles years back came naturally to me...I never forgot!  There is just something about handmade that means something.  Being that I love handmade and country and primitive decor, I decided to try and get fully involved in selling my crafted items to others.  I knew it would be work...just didn't know how much work having your own business was!  I asked my husband what he thought and he backed me up 100%...I'm very lucky.  So, after making one of our bedrooms a craft room, I got started.  I never did really get totally into it, as kids, and a few other things overtook the crafting and the business.

Let's fast forward to now.  I have been working tirelessly on trying to promote, craft, and do everything else!  I've been busy, but it is so worth it.  To have a job that you love, isn't like a job to me at all.  So, with trying to get a blog going and dedicate full time hours to this, here I am! 

I hope you enjoy always, comments welcome.