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23 December 2011

New Items

After almost a year off, I've been busy making new items for my sites to be listed in January.  I am so excited.  If you "like" us on our fb page or follow us on Twitter, you will be the first to know when they are listed, and there will also be a "special" attached.  To receive the news about the special, send us your email addy and go on our mailing list....Send emails to and put "mailing list" in the subject area! 

Off and running....time to create while the kiddies are still asleep!  :)

06 December 2011

YAY! I've been featured!

Wow!  Someone took interest in my creations and decided to do a "featured" section on her blog!  What an honor to chose me!  *blushing*

If anyone is interested, head on over to and take a peek at Kristie's blog.....Kristie is a fellow military wife and artisan.  I personally have some of her pieces and she does excellent work!  If anyone wants gorgeous jewelry for someone, head over and take a look at her won't regret it!

'Til next time,